Spiritual Discernment#

There exists no other doorway into the appraisal of things spiritual than a grace given capacity. There is no casual Holy Spirit gift for discernment. But, there is Peter's instruction to crave pure spiritual milk that Christian maturity is sought. This must be the place to begin.

Those who bear the insignia and the self-denial of Christ become familiar with His ways. The path of an uncompromised obedience leads away from the carnal, thus the things of the Lord are recognized, and the things not of faith are jettisoned. The greater the self-death, the greater the discernment. The Cross has been applied, it is doing its work.

The steady mind of a naturally strong intellect, their reasoning however capable, if it has not been exercised in the obedience of faith bears little spiritual graft.

Without the submission of self to the sanctifying fire of The Word, as Paul directs bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ are not adequate or fitted out for spiritual appraisal. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. The principles of Biblical classrooms are also subservient to Godly fear, to exercised faith and to dutiful obedience.

The carnal is always to be ruled by the spiritual.

The Last Word:

The capabilities of the Lord are with them that fear Him, and to these He will open heaven's windows that they may gaze in.

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