St Benedict did Solitude#

Saint Benedict (c480-550) was not always a human saint. Born as Roman nobility, he would abandon his normal studies around the turn of the sixth century.

Still a student Benedict chose a deliberate journey to the Subiaco series of caves about forty miles east of Rome. Distressed at the wanton nature of a crumbling Rome, he placed Rome at his back. Solitude weighed upon his soul.

Fed by this chosen ascetism, for three years Benedict immersed himself in prayerful contemplation at Subiaco and he learned:

solitude is the furnace of transformation. (Henri Nouwen)

The wisdom he gained from his extended season of isolation produced the rule of Benedict: 

“Listen with the ear of your heart” ... Know that silence is more than not speaking. Do what you can to “cultivate silence”. (Sister Patty Fawkner)

The honoring of time alone, and then with company is the necessary but unwittingly missed alternating rhythm to a healthy life.

Life's balance of devotion, work and leisure needs be correctly aligned.

BUT - I do suspect that the solitude of devotion delighted in, will also become the pleasing work of the soul.

WHY? - because this leisure warms the desires of the heart.

Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

Today's Soul Snippet:

In solitude I get rid of my scaffolding. ~ Henri Nouwen

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ENJOY - Jesus did Solitude

#Inspired by Sister Patty Fawkner of the Good Samaritan Sisters