Suffering's Chalice ~ A

Soul Snack 111/14 ... In the grip of suffering we also ache for explanations. There lies a cauldron within that bubbles and bubbles. We look to douse it yet gain little relief.

The good Lord served the fruit of the vine at His Last Supper. Jesus passed His cup of pain and poured out wine to each disciple. The chalice they shared has forever symbolised both suffering and redemption. Romantically this cup has become known as the Holy Grail.

There remains to this day a Holy Grail of life, and most people seek it. It is as elusive as the original. This Holy Grail is the answer for suffering. It is a redemption to the aching soul; if only the season of hurt can have a reason.

Could you echo Job, even sympathsize with him?

My days are swifter than a runner; they fly away without a glimpse of joy. (Job 9:25)

A solid but maybe even dissatisfying thought upon the time of trial:

The reason for suffering is so often hidden in the heavens and never spoken upon earth. Suffering will always deliver lessons but these lessons may never be the cause. Job learned much, but was never to blame for his pain. Equally he failed to receive any insight into heaven's transactions that led to his wretchedness.

It is in the imagination of the mind that we explain suffering, question it and seek answers. But how can the inventiveness of man ever grasp the mind of God, for then man would be God?

If man could comprehend pain's reason surely would he not argue back to God?

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Today's Soul Snippet:

"When we forgive those who have hurt us we relinquish our right to vengeance." ~ Roy Godwin

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