Suggestions to God?

This life-time of human experience must be worth more than another birthday card, or that obituary I will never get to write - let alone read?

Surely God could benefit from my largesse of experience, even if it is over cherished?

Maybe my tips can lighten His load?

Just one bright-ish idea, a mere snippet of wisdom could color His day? 

(Nevertheless I do feel sure the thought of my help with His government would raise a cheer in His soul.)

HMM ... not too much though for He still is God! 

If when making suggestions to men in power we do not venture to do so except with humility and deference, how more ought requests be made to the Lord, the God of all, with humility and devotion.

And let us realise that we shall be heard not in much speaking, but in purity of heart, in compunction and tears. And that is why a prayer should be brief and pure, unless perhaps it be prolonged by the inspiration of divine grace.#

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. (Matthew 5:8)

The speech of a silent man is wise, while the prayer of a silent heart is heard.

Today's Soul Snippet:

 Approval is found by those who stop at Jesus' feet, even while false thoughts attempt to condemn.

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ENJOY ~ A Prayer to Change the World

# The Glenstal Book of Prayer ~ (Mulgrave Victoria, John Garrat Publishing, 2001 Glenstal Abbey),141