Tainted Grace

Circa 1570 a humble nun had been requested to write. She felt uneducated, certainly unaccustomed to such invitations she humbly protested. But her master prevailed.

In obedience and faithfulness she sought Heaven for some insight into the beauty of a soul in grace.

This vision was Heaven's reply:

A beautiful crystal globe appeared, shaped as a castle would be. It contained seven mansions. The seventh and innermost was the King of Glory in the greatest splendor, illumining and beautifying them all. As the center was approached the light became stronger; outside the mansion's limits everything was foul, dark and infested with toads, vipers and other venomous creatures.

Soon the light vanished; its wondrous beauty disappeared from sight. Although the King of Glory had not left the mansions the crystal globe had been plunged into darkness. It became as black as coal and emitted an insufferable odour. The venomous creatures outside this palace boundaries were now permitted in.

Hmm ... so what can we make of this vision?

It should be known that no mortal witnessing the beauty and magnificence of grace, which sin destroys and turns into such hideousness and misery could possibly retain the temerity any longer to offend God.*

It is only from the purest of pride rejecting humility that the depth of grace may begin to be plumbed, and the glory of its glow be bathed in.

Sin taints our view of grace, darkens its wonder and cheapens its work.

The closer we draw to the throne of Grace the clearer our sin becomes to us. We learn to understand ourselves.

When a Christian defends sin (either in themselves or another) they betray their distance from God's Throne.

When a Christian confesses sin they confirm the lights of God's Throne and are washed in the glow of His mansion.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Only those who have fallen in humility at the feet of Jesus will ever witness the scars upon His feet and receive His embrace. " ~ Michael Cartwright

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* A vision of Teresa of Avila retold by SoulSupply from the pages of E. Allison Peer's translation, Interior Castle, (New York: Image 2004) ix-xi