Taking Heart

My life has been a life lived in God's furious longing (for me). And I have learned to pray. ~ Brennan Manning

I would seek to echo Brennan. I have learned to (somewhat) pray.

Frankly I confess, I have dwelt long in a furious longing for me. I have too:

  • often meandered on life's byways and neglected God's highway
  • long weakened my soul in compliance with the world and dallied to fortify my soul in separation
  • much strived for me and avoided Him, all to my detriment and my Lord's distress.

I have grieved His Holy Spirit of Truth within me, to my deep shame and sadness as well.

No more do I wish to strive for the things of me, but rather still my body and quiet my soul that I may gain the things that are better, that are of Him.

To subdue my flesh has become the exhausting fight for life.

It is to be made perfect in weakness and formed into the fullness of Christ.

I will find only little satisfaction and an absence of joy until all of my Lord is in fact all of me.

I cast my eyes ahead upon the path to peace, and so plan. NOW is the time to take heart, not lose it.

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. (Psalm 31:24)

Today's Soul Snippet:

God's pattern continues, He still chooses to use marginal people from obscure places.

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