Thank God for the Nails#

Young and proud and very handsome,
I desired the earth and stars;
I moved from place to place for pleasure-
Seeking flesh and serving lust!

I had the right to be conceited,
I was born of men who ruled;
Had good health and had no worries-
Why would I be seeking truth?

I learned lies and was proficient,
Learned to fight, and caused men hurt;
Robbed the poor and scorned the needy-
I was prince on earth, my worth!

I was loved by all - sensation,
I was born to rule this world;
Who would dare to make me stumble-
I dared God and denied His Word!

Then I aged and learned to worry,
A lonely man who came to fall;
Pain and tears, my eyes lost sharpness-
In a dream a Cross-nailed man lost it all!

'Who are you?' I asked the man dying,
'I am you!' was His reply;
Can't be true, I said denying-

'You I am!' He closed His eyes!


All this world is smoke and mirrors
I see it now in my lost soul;
Below the cross, I loved the stranger-
I saw His blood... my soul cried 'LORD!'#

It is upon pride's mat of nails that great loss pierces. It is upon the bed of pain that the Lord is found.

Jesus saved mankind through the cross of nails, while many find Jesus through the bed of nails.

Thank God for the nails.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Praise is a soul in flower. ~ Thomas Watson

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#Reproduced with gracious permission from the author Zoran Mekisic - published under the title "I Now Know the Man I Murdered" on November 28th, 2016 on FaceBook (with SoulSupply edits)