That Evil Man-Flu!

Weighed down under the wicked suffering of the world's 'second-best/worst' man-flu - I thought! Honestly, it was all I could do.

As almost a man-flu survivor (N.B. still recovering, sympathy still appreciated) I can tap away for a modicum of productivity.

While supping countless cups of English Breakfast tea to ease a screaming throat, this weakened mind noted:

  • A man's value lies in his creation, not his creativity. (Thanks God.)
  • Even when gazing into utter darkness the Christian can cast their eyes back over their shoulders and always see light. (Thanks God.)
  • Rejoice in a heart that does not plot guile, is not familiar with jealousy or crowned by resentment. This is the heart that God honors and protects. it is well with this man. (See Psalm 116:6 ... Thanks God.)
  • Righteousness is a man's only shield against judgement. (Thanks God.)
  • Suffering does not invite compromise, but conviction. (Thanks God.)
  • It is by a man's response to hardship his soul is formed. His soul is fashioned by the events the body flees, fights or acquiesces in. (Thanks God.)
  • A man's capacities are measured during persistently absent peace. How long does he spend upon his knees yet still rises and steps forward? (Thanks God.)

Yes, it is absolutely true, man-flu knows no peer, but it still may carry some purpose.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'A humble spirit loves a low seat.' ~ William Gurnall

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