Auctioning the Soul

Do not let my heart incline to any evil ... (Psalm 141:4)

Mankind neither knows the value of the soul, or even accepts he has one. This unawareness secures a noose, he does not reckon with Divine reckoning. He has also made sin so sanitary, and so mankind is enslaved.

In mankind's daily hunts for satisfaction he meanders down troublesome lanes, loosely leans on street corners, or runs headlong into soul destruction.

Those who search for comfort are increasingly vulnerable, too often they can race into relationships where a soft pillow is partner to sin. 

A childhood of pain is the well-proven path for an adulthood of deeper hurt.

Sin promises to mask pain, remove its detriments. But, sin lies.

Sin bids today's brief pleasure against tomorrow's lasting well-being. As in Eden so too today - sin always leads astray. Sin lies.

Sin hammers betterment today and tomorrow if only I accept its offers now. But, sin lies.

Sin promises health and repays with disease. But, sin lies.

The underscore to sin is men live as if there is no tomorrow - that this life, this mortal coil, these breaths we draw are all there is. He considers no future, no life echo rolling down eternal corridors. But, sin lies.

Sin rejects the belief in a divine good tomorrow by disobedience to God today. But, sin lies.

Sin promises many a blessing, yet once committed delivers an ongoing beating. Sin lies.

Consider the poor drug user who cast his pain briefly upon a syringe; who soon lost his health, and then his mind. Broke and broken he can only roam the caverns of hisi sold-out soul.

Your body is a battleground. When pain is masked by sin the second state becomes worse than the first.

Chasing the fleeting pleasure of sin is to auction off our eternal souls.

Mankind exchanges his soul to the lowest bidder, while desperately ignoring and thus grieving the highest bidder. As with foolish Esau men still consider their choice better.

Value your soul, it is your carriage for eternity, remember Jesus was, is and will always be the highest bidder.

'Seek good, not evil ... hate evil, love good.' ~ Amos 5:14a & 15a

Today's Soul Snippet:

I will hold fast the confession of God's Word without wavering, for He Who promised is faithful. ~ Annette Shankar

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