The Blessed Man#

He who trusts in the Lord, indeed thirsts for Him, is truly blessed above all men. Each morning his heart reaches to Heaven before his head turns his hands.

Such a man has turned life around, having abandoned his wilful ways. These new paths are canopied under a unique peace as his eyes face Heaven.

His thoughts are renewed, his spirit refreshed and his habits replaced.

The past things that have made him strong now frustrate him in the Lord's presence. It is there he learns and gains a new true perserving and preserving strength. 

The blessed man's passions and comforts, distractions and diversions all fade dull as the Lord's presence is first sought.

The Lord speaks to these men repeating:

My faith-filled love will be with you. I will forever maintain My love to you. I will not take My love from you, nor turn My back to you.

The man blessed above all men is able to reply with great joy:

Your hand has, does and will sustain me - I know full well your right arm strengthens me.

No good thing will the Lord withhold from he whose walk is blameless. (Psalm 84:11c)#

Those who are mighty strong in the Lord have first been mighty long with the Lord.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Wisdom is the fear of God, knowledge is the pride of man.' ~ Michael Cartwright

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#Much of today's SoulSnack is fashioned and quoted from Psalms 84 & 89