The Classroom of the Soul

Soul Snack 52/14 ... The student's vacant gaze hinted that all was not well. An attentive pupil muscled through the lesson's vocab within his brain, yet still he languished. The teacher was as engaged as the student was vague. This pedagogue presented no material his pupil could require or understand.

Classrooms are the dwelling of the needy, and should be the source of their future.

The best classroom is the classroom of the soul - not the classroom of the scholar. Your devotions are the classroom of the soul. Within this room you are the solitary student. You always have the best seat and the teacher's absolutely undivided attention. No need to bring them apples and curry favor. No hollow textbook is taught, or words spoken that are too difficult.

Your classroom contains literally a divine and personalised curriculum, founded upon the Bible and taught by the Holy Spirit.

You need not share this material with others - the lessons are simply unique for you. (Others will have their own hand-written lessons from heaven too.) Seated and still you learn the difference between who you honestly are, and who you can truly be.

There is no spiritual Shakespeare, general maths or curious foreign language to learn from God.

God's personal instructions are perfectly accurate and terrifically timed. They are never valueless. He even gently corrects the homework.

It is upon the soul that life's lessons are written, but it is within the flesh the lessons are both examined and lived.

he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. (Psalm 23:3)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Humility is becoming what you have despised and realising that you were wrong.

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