The Kingdom of Righteousness

Isaiah 32:1-8 teases and tantalizes the Christian's heart and soul. Some Bibles print the title to this chapter quite accurately - "The Kingdom of Righteousness". These eight verses detail how wickedness is lost, and replaced by righteousness as the rule of life. In this short passage God explains how the world's way are reversed by righteousness. (REMEMBER: 'love' does not rule life.) It is the rule of righteousness that eternity and the cosmos spin upon.

The time for seeking righteousness is NOW. The season of His Kingdom soon arises, but not too many will live there.

Righteousness is God's unhidden call - it is no secret.

Righteousness is Christ's mantle now upon my shoulders to warm and protect me. But, also, at times it weighs heavy to bear.

Righteousness cannot be diluted or weakened. It shares no partnership with impurity, nor files a signed contract with compromise.

Righteousness is the sister to holiness, yet not many grasp this and even fewer seek it.

The home of righteousness is the heart. Whatever leaves the heart is proof of a heart's purity.

The pursuit of righteousness waves a white flag to the Cross, but not to sin.

Righteousness speaks in obedient humility to Jesus and claims - Your ways are now my ways!

Righteousness fires cannonball after cannonball at all that is wicked and impure, stored in the closet of the heart.

Righteousness assails all my sin that my peace will be stolen no more.

Light is shed upon the righteous and joy upon the upright in heart. (Psalm 97:11)

Righteousness is no longer living with inevitable sin, but trading it for an 'impossible' joy.

Today's Soul Snippet:

God apportions peace to me, but I still ignorantly apportion blame to God.