The Covid Flux

As this week ends I am reminded of the good Lord’s eternal faithfulness and righteousness.

He is seated upon a throne supported by the legs of righteousness and justice.

Righteousness precedes all His ways and prepares His paths.

He is surrounded by faithfulness.

Righteousness, justice and faithfulness are three virtues the universe has been constructed upon. He is almighty and cannot be hindered in His display of virtue. (See Psalm 85:10-13 & 89:8)

With these truths ever before me I am then emboldened to:

Call to the Lord every day, and spread my raised hands high to Him for He will answer me. (Psalm 86:7 & 88:9)

As we continue in this strange Covid 19 driven flux of seasons, that rises both within each of us and the world, we can remain ever confident that His eyes still scan the earth searching for those who are fully devoted to Him.

Take courage for He is the Rock from which we have been cut, the quarry from which we have been hewn. (Isaiah 51:1) Our salvation lasts forever because His righteousness will never fail. (Isaiah 51:6d)

It is the sovereign Lord who is our guarantor in this perplexing season and helps us.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Outward losses drive good people to praying, but bad people to cursing'. ~ Mathew Henry