The Ever Changing God?

When does a god need a crystal ball, a stick of dynamite or a round table discussion? When He has failed. 

Elijah spoke disparagingly of gods that fail.

Sarcastically he suggested to the losing, bleeding and false prophets on Mt Carmel that their gods were too busy, distracted, travelling or even sleeping. (See 1 Kings 18:16-45 for the full account of Elijah's victory over the non-prophets of Baal and Asherah.) These foolish, indeed suicidal prophets found their gods impotent with arms too short. These false prophets were slaughtered. Death follows wrong belief.

The world suggests today that the true God of heaven is as fickle as the false gods on Mt Carmel.

Maybe something was unseen to God and only revealed as He seeks new guidance from within a crystal ball? Thus He pursues a different course, a new action or a bending of His intentions?

A god who changes is no god at all, for if He is subject to change it indicates He was not correct or completely knowledgeable at first. But these are the functions of a god. He who could advise a god would in fact rule the god. To be ruled by another is to be a slave not a master. Gods are not slaves.

Could an unseen event ever catch any god unawares? If so He was never over 'all' and in 'all', never a real god.

'All' does not rule God, but God rules 'all'. He created it.

The God who is truly God, the One and the Only, cannot change for then He would not be God, but subject to whatever item/ drama/ information/ emotion or whim that would force change. This would become the ruler of Him.

I the Lord do not change (Malachi 3:6)

In the contemporary raging battle for same-sex marriage, man reconstructs God in his own image. Man has changed his mind, but God hasn't.

The god who changes cannot be worshipped for that which was once honored has now proved false.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Ambition changes a man into a devil." ~ David Wilkerson

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