The Gift of Desperation

'Global warming' is daily examined in newsrooms and classrooms alike. Maui is 'mother nature's' latest victim to be scrutinized. Calamity catches mankind off guard. Thus desperation creates purpose, lest we all simply drift, godless.

C. S. Lewis noted we are all readily satisfied:

We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.

A strong reason why God exposes mankind to despair is that we may reach up to Him. He wants to be found. HE IS SO BETTER.

He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward Him and find Him. Yet He is actually not far from each one of us, Acts 17:26-27

At the 'calamity' of imminent death George Harrison reflected:

Everything on earth can wait, but the search for God cannot.

It is in God we live and move and have our being. This, must be apprehended by all men, but will they?

The Last Word:

Men were never random islands created by some non-sentient prehistoric event.

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