The God of an Unseen Future

We all live between the now and the not yet.

A comprehended god is no god at all. (Gerhard Tersteegen) This is in itself an adequate explanation of both the imprecision and uncertainty that waiting wallows in.

What promises do you cling to? What guarantees does this waiting period hold? 

Waiting can be as much a game of chance as a game of hope.

Promises are only as strong as those who have offered them. The guarantee lies in character, never in the contract.

The God of the heavens makes no effort to scribble contracts and He swears no oaths, for who is greater than He?

The God of the heavens is bound by His fixed laws of heaven and earth. (See Jeremiah 33:25-26) He too is surrounded in faithfulness and His fabric is love. Righteousness is His pedestal. His character is sure so His promises remain.

Unseen futures appear so unsure. They are fearsome and fiercest during the dark, long nights of a waiting soul. Yet, any promise from God pierces the black and becomes a telescope into tomorrow.

In waiting upon the Lord, dwell on His promised tomorrow for you - it always comes.

No more than the sun can stop shining can God's promises become void.

Patient waiting is to receive the Lord's peace as your governor. It is the faith-filled response of conviction to God's certain words.

Patience is the soul's concentrated strength.

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! (Psalm 27:4)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Whenever wealth prevents a man from thinking about God, it is not a blessing but a burden'. ~ anon

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