The Hiding of Holiness

Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:3)

Those who are poor in spirit are reserved in their demeanor and not grabbing in their ways. Self-assertion is foreign to them, quietness is often their nature. They withdraw from the play of a raucous world that demands they should join in. Mankind thinks this strange and refuses to honor the poor in spirit. Their meekness is noted and thus their vulnerability plundered. Whatever meagre substance these retiring souls may hold can be taken.

Jesus began His Sermon on the Mount by praising those men who are failures... but we avoid the very things that Jesus praises. ~ Richard Rohr  

In a 'right-side-up' divine economy it is those who do not take that will receive, those who do not fight who will win, and those whose back is stooped who will stand erect.

It is the very things that Jesus honors we reject, neglecting His model of falling and failing in men's eyes and thus being raised in the Father's eyes.

St Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) preached through his lifestyle:

“I will delight in powerlessness, humility, poverty, simplicity, and failure.” ~ Richard Rohr

Humility is a shelter, a blanket. It shrouds the humble, keeping them unrecognized by the eyes of proud men.

Seek to be unknown, live in humility for this is the path to holiness, be patient in affliction and flee the poison of honor. The God of heaven honors those the gods of earth won't.

Belonging to earth is no substitute for belonging to heaven. ~ Michael Cartwright

Today's Soul Snippet:

“First there is the fall, and then we recover from the fall. And both are the mercy of God!” ~ Julian of Norwich

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