Honest to God!

Could there be anyone greater than the prophet Daniel who held the esteem of Heaven?

Exceptional spiritual power developed for Daniel through his soul-searching devotions.

"I prayed to the Lord and confessed..." ~ Daniel 9:4a

Daniel met and knew God upon His knees; a position the astute will habitually mimic. Bending the knee is the signal of humility. Daniel admitted his sins (and the sins of his people) and then heaven spoke. He heard from heaven. (Read the full story in Daniel 9)

Confession is the honesty of a soul to itself and to God.

Pride and confession are not bed partners; in fact it is the enemy of confession, pride  is the blind spot to failings.

Upon bent knees a confessor opens his life's gates to Heaven, for it is an invitation - a verbal greeting card to God. Confession means that God's ways he is glad with, but his own he is not.

Of course there is the flip-side, to refuse confession is to rebuff God.

Too often we can want God's help far more than God's cleansing when we pray. We request much from God and confess little. And so I wonder - could my regular neglect of repentance be anymore inviting to Divine attention than my pride?

It is the honest soul who secures Heaven's approval and so gains Heaven's help. 

Today's Soul Snippet:

"No matter how bad things look upon the outside the righteous will always have God on the inside." Michael Cartwright

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