The Hyper-Grace Deceit

Flooding Christian bookstores, pulpits and unthinking Christian minds is the hyper-grace heresy.

Hyper-grace is a multiplying wave of false teaching that stresses the grace of God, simultaneously diluting sin, the need to confess sins and repent.

Hyper-grace is permission to choose for and continue in sin.

It teaches - be comfortable with sin, because Jesus is comfortable with you in it.

These lies are gaining much evangelical momentum.

This disturbing trend approaches the throne of grace boldly, ignoring Christ's shed blood.

Jesus did not die to tolerate sin, but to free us from it.

This mortal coil, our trip through the foreign land of earth will always strain the diligent Christian to wrestle with sin. It is never easy, another reason why so many backslide.

Yet how can we neglect so great a Savior who crossed the skies to earth and refused to retreat from the Cross? To repeat sin in deliberate abandon (which is the option hyper-grace offers) is to crucify Jesus again and subject Him to public disgrace. (See Hebrews 6:6)

To resist sin is to refuse satan - to accept sin is to agree with satan.

Sin will always be available while we dwell in these tents of flesh, but our Lord still calls us to war with it Obedience still matters.

Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them. (John 14:21)

Wickedness must be placed at a Christian's back.# 

Grace is to be depended upon but not presumed upon.

Soul Snippet:

It is in weakness I see my sin, for strength obscures my vision.

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Inspired by and with extracts from an article by Jennifer LeClaire of Charisma Magazine