The Noise of Silence ~ A

God spoke into the silence to create this world. It is from silence that the clarity of God grows. And, the disciple no longer grasps the deceptive opinion that our words are more important than their silence. (Henri Nouwen)

Silence is the conduit to move into unceasing prayer – to 'pray always' is literally to ‘come to rest’. (Henri Nouwen)

The joy of silence assists the disciple to concentrate on God’s real and active presence in their life, to feel His grace, and to recall/witness His interventions. Such, will only move the disciple further to thanks and praise.

Silence can speak of comfort as loudly as words in the presence of a friend. (Job 1:13)

It is upon the seat of silence that a disciple becomes comfortable in the presence of God. He discovers his Father's heart.

The Lord who is the good shepherd leads the 'mute' disciple to green pastures and silent waters to restore their soul in His loving presence.

The Last Word:

Pray continually, and sometime use words, for silence is restorative.

#Much of today's SoulSnack is inspired by Henri Nouwen.

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