The Noise of the Battle#

With a multiplying frequency Christians are assailed. The spirit of the antichrist gains momentum.

Recently I learned of a Jewish Priest, a Muslim Iman and a Christian Pastor being interviewed on TV. In an uncommon unison each faith leader completely disagreed with mounting pressures for same-sex marriage. But it was only the Christian who attracted attack.

The spirit of the antichrist need not attack those who belong to him.

The Lord would call:

The noise of the battle is within the land.

'Raise your swords, lift your arms, I am moving', declares the Lord of hosts.

As darkness spreads across the land and terrifies those on earth, as darkness fills with fear and has its own rule, as darkness stands no correction, rebuke or counsel it is seeded in My judgement.

Christians do not be deceived; do not dally with the devil. The battle for your heart is fought only upon the field of faith; it is waged against your soul and spirit.

Stand up for light, call darkness out for what it is. But - do not submit, entertain, approve or co-operate with darkness; to do so will cost your soul.

The battle is on.#

The noise of battle is in the land, the noise of great destruction! (Jeremiah 50:22)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Faith can move mountains, but first it sustains the mountain mover'.

#Today's SoulSnack is an edit from MyParable's - The Battlefield of Faith.

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