The One & Only Father!

Humanities' blindness causes it to continually stumble and fall. Humanity fails to see we each need the only one and true God as part of our lives.

Whilst we are seated in a regal comfort upon our thrones, there remains little interest in the pursuit of Him, although - He is the ONLY Father to all mankind!

It needs be that He must rattle our cages and shake our thrones before we cast even a skance glance upwards.

The suffering of men is not intended that we should fight with God, or take flight from Him - but find Him.

Mans' cares and sorrows are such that we should reach for our one and only Father in the temporal lest we miss forever enjoying Him in the eternal.

Dear Father - grant me the suffering that I may be done with sin; to know that I truly live when I only live for You. For, all else is at very best trifling. AMEN 

He who has suffered in his body is done with sin. (1 Peter 14:1b)

My defeats must become God's victories - my hardships God's blessings.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Better a little with joyful thanks than much wealth with unbroken tears.'

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