The Rule of Righteousness


The rule of righteousness is the home of wisdom, complete with rooms of honor. The fool and the scoundrel are without shelter. 

Too prevalent these days the fool is called noble and the scoundrel is highly respected, but this will change. The dishonorable and the unspeakable are honored and spoken.

No longer will the fool be called noble nor the scoundrel be highly respected. (Isaiah 32:5)

Discernment of the fool and assessment of the scoundrel is cast upon the altar of charisma. The dishonest are elected to govern and the incompetent elevated to rule. An individual's personal life is always an excellent measure of character before they assume public position, but who accepts this rule?

So how are the fool and the scoundrel to be recognised? Six Biblical indicators:

  • their minds are busy with evil
  • they practise ungodliness
  • they promote error about the Lord
  • they bring pain to the needy by withholding good
  • the poor are destroyed by their lies and 
  • they slay justice upon the streets.

If the fool is blind to his evil conduct, the scoundrel is wilful. But neither will succeed. Wickedness cannot win.

The rule of righteousness is the roof over the noble, it spells the end of the fool and the demise of the scoundrel.

The Kingdom of Righteousness is 'character-proof'. It is evidenced by how man treats man and how man treats God. The Kingdom of Righteousness is physician to both mind and body; it brings health.

Righteousness is found in nobility. It is expressed in being lost to all the favors of this earth.

Only when I lay hold of the rule of righteousness will I see where honor truly lies.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Never permit the approval of man to separate you from the approval of God." Michael Cartwright

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