The Sea of Mystery, Fortune & Wonderment


The Dead Sea has long been a place of mystery, fortune and wonderment. It captivates mankind to this very day. The estimate is that over 800,000 tourists visit annually. After all - it will continue as quite unique until the good Lord returns.

The ancient Egyptians were wise to its properties in harvesting balms for mummification.

During the days of Herod the Great the Dead Sea was 'recruited' as a health resort.

The Dead Sea is the lowest elevation upon the earth's surface at 423 meters below sea level, consequently it is bordered by the world's lowest above ground road. (This stands to reason).

The Dead Sea is constantly filled by the Jordan River's flow, no outlet exists.

Well over a century ago, with a deliberately leading question D.L. Moody asked - why is the Dead Sea dead?

His astute but non-scientific answer:

Because it is all the time receiving in but never giving out. Still water stagnates, faith likewise.

Be generous and willing to share. In this way you will lay up treasure for yourself as a firm foundation for the coming age... (1 Timothy 6:18-19)

The Last Word:

Christians are reborn to be rivers, for they were never called to be reservoirs.