The Storeroom of Faithfulness#

It is both good and smart to ever draw towards the throne room of God.

How much more-so when it is in times of immense difficulty and too sadly death? All His rooms are secure.

Isaiah 26:20 invites the believer to:

'Come, my people, enter into your rooms, and shut your doors behind you: hide yourself for a little while, until His fury has passed by.' 

The Lord has a wonderful room, it is Himself and could be called:

The Storeroom of Faithfulness.

It might even be His most glorious room.

God is true; God is faithful; God keeps His promises.

My beloved, do you study the promises recorded in the Bible? If you do not, I am sorry for you.

The promises of God should be the constant subject of study by the child of God, because, when you get a hold of a promise from God, it is as good as the thing itself.

God’s promise to pay is always at par with those who trust Him; they want no discount on a divine promise, it is as good as the thing itself to their believing hearts.

oh, a magnificent company of promises are in this blessed Word of God ~ The Bible!

We need never be downhearted if we would but study this wonderful Word of God, which has a promise to meet every trial and sorrow; and all the promises of God in Christ Jesus “are yes and Amen, unto the glory of God for us.”

You are going into trouble; did you say that you are suffering from fear, depression, anxiety, sickness? Are the relational, emotional, financial or spiritual rooms within tenanted by heartache? Oh, enter His chamber of faithful promises!

You have need to come.

Whatever the malady - come then into this chamber and look long at the motto hanging on the walls:

“bread shall be given him and his waters shall be sure. His very needs shall be met” Believe it!

You shall have bread and water as long as there is any beneath the canopy of heaven.

The LORD will never fail you, therefore trust Him.

Be not dismayed. “Come, my people, enter into your rooms, and enjoy His glorious faithfulness.”#

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