The Twin Gardens of Temptation

Soul Snack 149/14 ... Eden and Gethsemane leap from history as the world's game-changing gardens.

In history's most perfect garden - Eden, temptation approached.

Temptation knows no boundaries, honors no fences.

At history's most difficult garden - Gethsemane, Jesus warned of temptation:

On reaching Gethsemane, Jesus said to His disciples, ‘Pray that you will not fall into temptation.’ (Luke 22:40)

Delights or distresses alike are equal playgrounds for the tempter to enter.

No mountaintop or desert is too remote for temptation's assault; no heart so pure that it can't be seduced.

Carefully audit the gardens of life, the places of pleasure, or the feelings of safety - for satan will too be there as the snake in your grass.

Should you believe that you have walked in devotion's garden with Jesus so well, so long and even so closely...

Should you believe that you have trekked through study's garden, your theology is sound and you see that your Bible is never dusty...

Should you serve in duty's garden so diligently and worship so faithfully...

Whatever garden could be yours, be warned of further temptation for it is in gardens he still slides.

BUT - Jesus instructs all disciples to resist temptation; the lesson is simple for all gardeners ~ PRAY!

Praying is snake slaying.

Soul Snippet:

Anger is attempting to control another without controlling yourself.

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