The Unreasonable Request of Pain

Year after year Elkanah's wife Hannah worshiped and sacrificed to the Lord. Hannah was sorely provoked in spirit through her barrenness. She wept much in anguish and grief.

Her pleas did not cease any more than God had stopped listening.

Eventually she gave birth to the prophet Samuel. (Read the full story in 1 Samuel 1)

The unreasonable request of suffering is to still worship God in the darkness of despair.

In the extended seasons of suffering the choice is to believe good of our Lord despite any outward evidence.

'Never doubt in darkness what God has shown you in the light.' ~ Neil Anderson

The test to worship God in famine is the courage of faith.

Be at rest O my soul for the Lord has been good to you. (Psalm116:7)

When devotion has become your mainstay in weakness it will be your habit in strength.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Spiritual growth consists most in the growth of the root, which is out of sight.' ~ Matthew Henry

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