Trusting the Stillness


As I sit in my office many thoughts seem to be racing each other through my mind, none are winning! But, they all keep racing anyway.

I wonder too if your mind gets crowded in a similar manner? Each thought jockeys the other that they may win this wild competition for our attention. 'Must-do' chores usually are victors.

For some time now I have found the only answer to cease these chasings around my mind is to apply the good Lord’s counsel – be still and know that I AM God.

It slowly dawns upon me that mind stillness is of equal importance to body stillness.

It is in stopping I trust God that all these competing chores will still get done as necessary. Note - by now I also know when I first am still with my Lord they are completed far more quickly. AND, I have still met with my Lord.

It is only in Jesus my mind and body will find rest, for He is always the Prince of Peace.  

The goal in life is not to satisfy my jobs but to nourish my soul.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Only self-death will ever bring about a resurrected life.' ~ anon