The Wonder of the Cross

It is no surprise that the Roman army presided at Jesus' crucifixion.

The centurion, seeing what had happened, praised God and said, "Surely this was a righteous man." (Luke 23:47)

Surely this centurion even oversaw the erection of the cross, and the crowd control? Not even a lean fact would escape him.

A rough day and supernatural darkness could not hide his sight and insight of Jesus. In a place where there was no peace, this soldier offered praise for the Prince of Peace.

A forever unnamed centurion became a purveyor of recognition and truth. He has spoken correctly for two millennia now, always a clear witness to the truth of Calvary until eternity arrives.

Thus, this centurion has drawn an unseen yet indelible line of truth deep in time's ancient sands.

His index finger unmistakeably etched a truth that can't be lost on wind-blown dunes or hidden in uncounted libraries.

His words echoed to 100 men, yet now they still resound - living words leaping from the pages of living scripture. There are no blurry edges to his praise. It is forever clear.

There was no shaking in this commander's voice, no fear that the murderous crowd and jeering soldiers would not respond well to his testimony.

He knew that a righteous man is:

  • most rare
  • to be revered
  • to be recognised, and
  • his righteousness must be shouted to the world.

Can only a righteous man recognise righteousness? Surely, the liberating answer is - NO! For, I have too!

Easter echoes to this very day the wonder of the cross:

Jesus' righteousness is still for all to see, hear and receive, for even that evil darkness of Good Friday could not defeat light. The power of righteousness God always exalts. (See too Psalm 75:10)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'I would rather be in a million pieces at Jesus' feet than a million miles from His presence.' ~ anon

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