For Those Who Would See Heaven

What kingdom can be built, what storehouses cast open, or what temples erected while the servants simply play?

Life is a battleground, it is not a playground.

Laziness or suffering confronts fidelity.

Recall Jesus, His forty days in the desert. It is at a man's weakness and weariness that satan enters. Faithfulness is challenged by temptation, and infidelity at such times offers the most inviting appeals.

Whatever the nature of temptation, it is satan's well-worn (highly successful) tool to break the faithful.

The battle of life, service and belief is waged in faithfulness. Faithfulness must first remain in the heart if the battle is to be won.

Faithfulness does not reverse or swerve, it neither veers to the right or to the left.

Forsaking what is upright and correct is the core of loss, the attitude of infidelity.

Faithfulness will always endure the conflict that comes to challenge it. ~ Roberts Liardon

Faithfulness bears its own rewards, for there is little else that can transcend time and earth's dimensions.

He who stands firm to the end will be saved - this is faithfulness. Keep watch for none know when the Master will return, the day or the hour.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Everybody casts a shadow - those who remain longest in the Son each day throw the longest shadow.

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