Under Fire & out of Eden

Satan suggested the sweet fruit to Eve - Adam watched on in a wicked, weak and silent collaboration with evil. Then satan stole the day (and every day thereafter), paradise lost.

Wiley satan separated Adam and Eve from God while they were in paradise with Him.

If satan can divide man from God in Eden where God walked with His own, it is far too simple for him to divide man from God outside of Eden.

In all temptation let us not consider what satan offers but what we shall lose.

Satan is the author of all relational bust-ups  and dust-ups (the murderer).

In fact within a heart-beat - shame, hate and murder became the order of the first family as they exited God's gentle friendship. 

When men seek or know God's presence this is worship. Yet, satan still acts to create their absence. (Breaking relationships at church is a very well-proven tactic.)

Nevertheless man was always built first for worship, to enjoy the Divine presence and vice-versa.

The trouble with worship out of Eden is that it always betrays what I long for.

My true worship is where my heart heads to when my head and hands give it time.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Selfishness tarnishes everything it touches'. ~ anon

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