Making the Gospel great again!


Conformity to the world is sure to end badly sooner or later, to the man himself it is injurious and to his family ruinous. ~ Charles Spurgeon

What does the Bible's Gospel look like at its purest, when it is not allowed to be beaten about by proud and shameless men? Too many easy schemes of pulpiteers have 'lovingly' stroked it to accommodate their own foibles, fancies, fears and ends.

The present Gospel is a soft-serve ice-cream, that melts as the days heat up.

The true Gospel is suppressed lest it cause offense. It is not a small tome merely about love.

The Gospel at its very center is simple. It can be expressed in just one short sentence, and dissipates when the words become many.

God is love, love is His fabric. This is not the gospel.

For God so loved the world, love is His motive. This is not the gospel.

But, Jesus' 1st recorded words in Mark's gospel are REPENT & BELIEVE for the Kingdom of God is at hand. This alone is the gospel.

The Gospel of Jesus the Christ is a gospel of repentance. Love is its reason, but repentance is its call and content.

'Love' denies judgement, but do not be fooled, the Gospel is not a gospel of love.

The Last Word:

A gospel that leaves a man in sin is never good news, but a dreadful damnation that keeps a man heading to hell.