Stepping into the mist#

We sometimes forget that what God takes from us, He takes with fire. (Consider Jacob at the Jabbok, or Lot and family fleeing Sodom for instance.) This is the only road to a life of resurrection and ascension power. It requires first Gethsemane, then the cross and finally the tomb. The moment of your biggest sacrifice will also become the moment of greatest and most miraculous blessing. For, resurrection awaits. God's river, which never runs dry, will overflow its banks, becoming floods of peace. You will know that the decision is confirmed - correct!

To those willing to mimic the impetuous apostle Peter and step out into the mist; it is these who will see the Lord's outstretched hand and be carried to a rock beneath their feet.#

The Last Word:

Remember - Jesus first chose the nails.

#Today's SoulSnack was penned by F.B. Meyer, and contains SoulSupply edits.