Give me understanding...

What advice have you offered to one without wisdom? (Job 26:3a)

Wisdom's ways are counter-cultural.

Babylon cannot instruct Jerusalem anymore than the Tree of knowledge informs the Tree of Life.

Some SoulSupply thoughts:

  1. Humility is the mine for wisdom.
  2. Wisdom is better than strength.
  3. The proud are ignorant to the pretense of their heart.
  4. Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroys much good.
  5. Noise and turmoil is raised by the fool, but the wise move far away.
  6. Wisdom does not pursue sin. Righteousness always agrees with wisdom.
  7. Obedience marries wisdom, but knowledge compounds pride.
  8. The haughty will not stand on God's holy hill.*
  9. The humble will lie down and no-one makes them afraid.*
  10. Wisdom turns back the enemy while the fool opens the city gates.* 
  11. Wisdom is better than wealth. But, this the greedy are unable to discern.*
  12. Wisdom is better than strength, but this is hidden from the fool.
  13. The quiet words of the wise are to be heeded lest the shouts of a fool are obeyed.*
  14. The fool sees a war approaching where there is none, and fails to heed wisdom's warning when there is.
  15. The fool examines not his shame, nor mourns his disgrace.
  16. The fool blindly sees the detestable and rushes to it.

The mouth of a man utters the content of his heart, his feet are sure to follow.

I am your servant; give me understanding... (Psalm 119:125a)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The toil will be easier if we have the profit before our eyes.' ~ Bernard of Clairvaux

*inspired by or part copied from Bible verses