When the enemy is too powerful ~ A

Ten naysayers reported of the promised land:

'There we saw the giants.' (paraphrase Numbers 13:33)

We cannot tell what loss and sorrow and trial are doing. As giants threaten and lions chase a time  arrives when: 

  • fleeing seems the only option...
  • fears arise and confront strength...
  • that sense of recurring loss drowns the soul, or
  • the resilience within has now long fled.

STOP, keep the faith (there is nought else you can do), and prayerfully permit the Lord to fight for you. 

For, to battle the authorities of darkness with the mere might of human flesh, to resist the principalities and powers with sheer mortal energy - is bound to fail.

Flesh is no more able to conquer the evil spirits than the disciples could remain awake for Jesus in Gethsemane.

Spirit must come against spirit. It is when giants stand against us there is a far greater power beside us. 

Finally be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. (Ephesians 6:10)

'Trust only. The Father comes near to take our hand and lead us on our way today.' ~ anon

With God on your side you are always in the majority.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Wealth ruins far more souls than poverty.' ~ Bishop J. C. Ryle

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