When to Draw the Sword?

Soul Snack 67/14 ... With head-bowed the young man shuffled onto the stage. This pseudo-comedian arrived before the audience taped to a makeshift crucifix and wearing other tell-tale messianic cues.

Recently South Australia hosted the blasphemous comedy performance entitled "Come Heckle Christ."#

This angers me! Does it also you?

Does the daily assault and arrest of Jesus hurt you?

Do the betraying voices of blame and disbelief cast at our Lord injure your spirit?

The natural response is to hit out and protect those who you love. (I certainly and sinfully feel this way towards that ignorant servant of satan.)

As Jesus was seized 2000 years ago an unamed disciple hit-out in Gethsemane at those who arrested Jesus. This follower severed the ear of the high priest's servant. Immediately Jesus responded and chastised His disciple. With an equal haste Jesus restored the servant's ear.

With the arrest, one of Jesus’ companions reached for his sword, drew it out and struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear. (Matthew 26:51)

Disciples of Jesus should take great care and be very sure of their master's heart for the battle before drawing their swords against the unwitting foot soldiers of evil. It is in striking out for Jesus' defense that they may cause human damage that only Jesus can repair.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Too many are satisfied with the status quo and never press on to become hundredfold Christians. ~ A.W.Tozer

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#This information was kindly provided by the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary. I am unwilling to publish the other blasphemous content of the show's advertising.

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