When The Good Things No Longer End

Countless fine lives have bequeathed far more than a decaying, crusty headstone. There is good reason for this.

What is left after a life (for the future generations) can become of even more value than what was achieved during a life.

Life is accurately measured in legacies - those favors or burdens the next generations receive. These can have a multiplying effect for good or for ill. 

Different seasons will always lead to the deposits of different legacies. Each season needs to be sown well so that what remains behind is healthy after that season has closed. The final season is the most important, impacting generations unknown.

Legacies are not calculated by estate size or by church pews filled at funerals, but rather the photo albums imprinted upon hearts of those left behind.

I can find no measuring tools that better weigh a legacy than love and righteousness. The greater these are when a person dies - the greater the loss to their loved ones, but also the greater their legacy.

The most enduring and therefore the most significant season is entered after all of earth's seasons have expired; when the human slapping of a bottom is replaced by the divine snatching of breath.

Death is God's retrieval mechanism for those who belong to Him.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is death of His saints. (Psalm 116:15)

When a loved one dies their death is even more precious to God than it is to those who lost him or her.

All things in life on earth must end - the good things and the bad things. And so,

the day arrives where each person belonging to Jesus enters that place where bad things no longer start, and good things no longer end.

Legacies are reflected in lives touched, and the generations that will still smile. They are the extension to a life that death cannot snuff out.

Today's Soul Snippet:

“Grace is amazing for not only does it exist, but it persists.” ~ Michael Cartwright

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