Why Good Friday?

That first Good Friday silenced the Father. How broken was He? The Bible does not explain. Yet, the Father remained quiet while the Son spoke blood--red words until time's end.

Good Friday showcases for all of mankind to know the righteousness of the Father and the forgiveness of His Son.

Thorns piercing His head, nails restraining His hands and feet, but you on His mind.

Suspended from the Cross His very first words:

FORGIVE them Father for they don't know what they do! (Luke 23:34)

Hatred did not beset Jesus, bitterness or resentment waved no flags. Jesus ensured He took no 'bondage' to His tomb. (How many men still do?)

As His starting point Jesus chose to cast into the eternal heavenlies 'forgiveness'. It was His priority. He chose His own unjust tragedy to speak out such liberating words.

Jesus, tempted in every way, knew that unforgiveness is as a loaded gun pointed at its owner's forehead.

The Last Word:

Jesus bellowed 'forgiveness' that I would not only receive it, but reciprocate.