Women The World Should Hear

Recently the heavens had been so strange, so dark, so concealed and so empty.

Mary Magdalene and the other Mary approached Jesus' tomb at dawn on the first day of the week. Life suddenly became even stranger than last Friday.

Now His stone coffin was empty. Gasps of troubled hearts were surely released into fear-filled breasts. 

They felt His searing loss - all over again. Where was their Master?

For some years now they had become accustomed to the supernatural. He had raised the dead, restored sight to the blind, healed the sick and even forgave sins. This they all knew! However, confronted by an angel in front of an empty tomb their fright was palpable.

Heaven's rejoicing had not yet reached earth. The cosmos was engulfed in unstoppable celebration. Very soon the earth would follow suit. The darkness now dispersed. The Light of the World had returned.

Instructed by an angel the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy, and ran to tell His disciples. (Matthew 28:8)

Their childlike obedience was metered by joyful impulsiveness, these women left quickly - they did not tarry with such good news.

They knew Jesus was alive and they knew the world should know too!

"The resurrection of Jesus is something to shout about. It is an explosive event whose fall-out affects the entire human race". ~ Douglas Webster

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Go for souls - and go for the worst'. ~ William Booth

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