America is Alight

Endearing himself to recalcitrant Judah the 6th century prophet Joel (amidst a crisis of divine judgement) spoke to God's proud and wilful nation.

To you, Lord, I call, for fire has devoured the pastures in the wilderness and flames have burned up all the trees of the field. (Joel 1:19)

Is there anything new under the sun?

He speaks yet again to a self-confident nation, also thinking it can live independent of God.

The United States has now thrashed and trashed the wisdom of those fine Christian men who were its midwives with its recent single-sex marriage approval.#

The souls of mankind are being laid waste. You are ignorant to your influence. Look back, scour the annals of your history, have such events ever been recorded?

This nation has been stripped of the health of righteousness - both pagans and Christians alike.

The paths of well-being are left and the nations clothes have been torn away - all its wicked heart's intent now naked before the world.

Surely the joy of mankind is soon withered away?

No one pants for the Lord, His salvation and His righteousness. They are consumed in their abominable ways as a wildfire destroys stubble.

God has given you the autumn rains of righteousness, but you would have none of them and suppressed the truth.

This wickedness is so great, it can't go unseen. The Day of the Lord is near, it is in the Valley of Decision.

Choose this day who you will serve, the willfulness of blinded man or The Light of the World?

He who has an ear - let him hear.

Who has eyes to see the real fires burning, hear the leaves crackling and sniff the sulfur tinged smoke in the air?

Could they be the remnant remaining?

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The delight of the journey is no guarantor to the quality of the destination." Michael Cartwright

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# This was penned on the occasion of the #SCOTUS decision supporting single sex marriage.

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