Instinctive Faith

Where reason cannot wade, there faith may swim. ~ Thomas Watson

Sudden storms demand that consuming enemy of faith - fear.

A long time ago some very young and very rattled disciples barked at Jesus:

Lord, save us! We are going to drown! (Matthew 8:25b)

Surely that plea reflects the human nature of a fear conflicted faith? 

Threatened by ever increasing waves the disciples' small boat rocked and rolled. Fright flooded each heart as the waves washed the boat.

Yet, storms are to sharpen the instincts of faith - not drown them.

Amidst their fears these new disciples could at least be commended, they did call to the Lord. He was at rest while they weren't. Storms do not distress Jesus.

Jesus awoke. His response to these spiritual infants appears harsh:

'You of little faith, why are you afraid?' (Matthew 8:26a)  

No doubt as Jesus then calmed the waters the disciples pondered a few lessons. I wonder if these two thoughts informed their faith instincts?

  • Let faith bellow above the storm.
  • And, the storm that surrounds you is never greater than the God that is with you. 

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Sympathy is two hearts tugging at the same load.' ~ anon.

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