Pillar 1 ~ Solitude

Soul Snack 38/14 ... Whether caressed by ripples between my toes, or exhilarated with a throttle on 'cruise' as center lines whiz by, I love the time of solitude.

Solitude is a rare ingredient to the recipe of modern life.

The naked consumerism of western living fights against any opportunity to subdue indulgence. It steals my time with another I can't even see.

Of necessity Christians must learn to become hermits to Babylon.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. (Luke 5:16)

The errant pulpit that boasts of priesthoods or college degrees, is neither able to introduce a Jesus from a Judean desert.

Solitude is but the father to the wisest thoughts, and energy for the noblest of actions.

Solitude is the altar of repentance, and the author of understanding.

The nearer a man draws to God, the more he sees his own sinfulness. ~ James Hannay

Solitude is the company of the Divine while still upon earth. It is the stripping of distraction, and the clothing with spiritual intent.

Solitude is yeast from the Bread of Life that my days may rise well.

Solitude is the anchoring of my eternal soul from within a perishable body.

Perfect quietness was the monk's opportunity for spiritual communion with God. ~ James Hannay

It is in isolation that God is heard. Moses stood alone on Mt Sinai, Elijah sat by a brook and Jesus prayed all night. God does not yell.

Solitude is a hospital to a broken heart. It is the mother that births a child of spiritual influence.

INTRODUCTION To the 5 Pillars of Devotion

Today's Soul Snippet:

Your heart is completely transparent before the Lord and He still loves you.

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