That Bad Tree!

The battle of life is the battle for the soul.
This war is waged on one field called 'life', but within the shade of two trees.
God named two trees in the middle of His garden - Eden:
  • The Tree of Life and
  • The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. (See Genesis 2:9)

Both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge made great promises for success and well-being, but only one tells the truth.

Below is a subscriber's heart-felt response to a recent SoulSnack - 2 Sources of Wisdom. Desperately and faithfully they wish to sit shaded by the Tree of Life, but instead life commands they eat voraciously from the Tree of Knowledge:
A heavy soul supply this morning challenging me greatly.
How the Tree of Knowledge hurts and hinders my spirit within, even when it pretends to help.
I need the Tree of Life so much more than the Tree of Knowledge however I spend my time through imposed necessity on this false tree with foreboding thoughts flooded by a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.
As I eat from the Tree of Knowledge I am driven to falsely believe ill of myself, never feeling that I am of value without the paper of academia it offers. Consequently I don't permit myself to know that I am good enough (and also will have more than I ever will need) for all that the Lord has around me and in front of me.
The Tree of Knowledge forces all mankind to be the students of its rotten fruit such as criticism (which is also death to the soul).
Tree of Life invites all men to simply sit under its affirming shade.
The Tree of Life teaches that my value is not determined by my performance but by its approving shade that canopies me. The Tree of Life refuses to offer performance based assessments.
Jesus plants His good fruits into the humble and faithful heart:
neither do I condemn you... for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest in Me for your souls.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The Tree of Knowledge examines the mind but the Tree of Life examines the heart." ~ Michael Cartwright

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