5 Ways of God's Servant

Servant-hood is a vocation few chase, a path rarely trekked. It offers no Doctorates and rightly flees acclaim.

The repugnance of Christianity, its stumbling block to mankind is that the first will be come last, self denial hammers self-indulgence, and anonymity not fame is the better order to a servant's day.

The true servant breathes in this heaven-sent axiom:

unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it cannot reproduce. (See John 12:23-26)

The ways of a servant are clear for they will:

  • Pursue humility, enjoy the menial. They will not speak well of themself, but allow another to elevate them. It is the humble who hear from God, these He chooses to speaks to. Actively pursue humility, the hidden places and the unseen duties - for it is here that Heaven delights in. God is close to the humble and far from the proud. Servants are as deliberate in positioning self for humility as in positioning self for devotion. Humility is the only highway to God’s presence
  • Always seek the Lord first and then choose His path of righteousness, which is also the path of peace
  • Expect hardship and live holinessknowing that the louder the call the more difficult the task
  • Reject their dreams that will blanket any of the Lord's dreams for them, and they
  • Fear God for this is the font of all wisdom.

Danger surrounds those intent upon serving the Lord - beware, that roaring lion satan still seeks to devour the disciple.

BUT take courage for...

Faithfulness surrounds God, and He is trustworthy. (Psalm 89:8)

Today's Soul Snack:

'Faithfulness carries its own rewards'.

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