The Fatal Flaw of Equality, Tolerance & Love

Launched from a post dawn Eden flies the perennial conflict between faith and knowledge. It wages to this day.

Knowledge cannot apprehend faith any more than reason can explain it.

Knowledge strikes out at faith.

BUT - faith is the sweetest of every fruit. It is picked from the Tree of Life.

Knowledge (and hence pride) is the fruit from the second tree; that tree which deceitfully boasts of true knowledge.

The Tree of Knowledge measures correct living by its own (and now widely agreed upon) deceiving standards; standards that conflict with the Tree of Life's. These are threefold:

  • equality (no moral discernment permitted)
  • tolerance and
  • love.

These measurements cannot withstand the day of judgement. This day is ruled by Heaven alone. 

I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line... (Isaiah 28:17a)

Heaven measures life by righteousness and justice. This is why Jesus entered earth, to clothe in righteousness all those who would bend the knee to Him.

Jesus' cloth of righteousness is offered from His love. 

Equality, tolerance or even love will not stand at the great assize - only righteousness.

(NOTE - I can even approach Jesus clothed in 'good theology' but this will still find me wanting and I shall fall.)

No man stands by his own opinions, only Heaven's.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'There are no experts in the company of Jesus. We are all beginners.' ~ Eugene Peterson

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