The Pure & the Lured

The world as it stands (and has always stood since Eden) is at odds with its one and only creator God.

BUT through separation from this world a person is no longer against God. This is the conduit of union with God.

Separation is the place where purity is discovered. Without a worldly separation to approach God - purity can never be understood, nor righteousness measured.

In God's presence (that separation makes possible) I am confronted with His righteousness:

  • only then can I lay hold of sin and its consequences
  • only then am I able to grasp my need to die to sin and,
  • only then can there can be correct assessments of morality and its boundaries.

What divine truths can ever be discovered away from the Lord's presence, while I am still hooked to this world?

As the Throne of Grace is drawn ever closer, its glory shines so much brighter and illumines my unseen impurities. The shady darkness of my sin is then pushed aside, and mankind's ever multiplying corrupt thinking is left behind.

"The nearer a man draws to God, the more he sees his own sinfulness". ~ James Hannay

In the seeking of purity, separation is learned and holiness is gained.

Purity is at odds with this world because it is found out of this world. BUT purity is never at odds with God.

Of what use am I to God when I am lured by this world?

I am the Lord your God; consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy. (Leviticus 11:44a)

"I believe the holier a man becomes the more he mourns over the un-holiness that remains in him". ~ Charles Spurgeon

Today's Soul Snippet:

"When Jesus carries you there is no meter running."

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