The Seeking of God's Face

We seek the face of those we wish to know. This is the desiring and delight of another's presence.

Hardship is a preferred and time proven choice of the evil one to weaken the resolve of those who belong to Jesus. He invites believers to blame God and then flee Him.

Spiritual resilience is gained when in times of hardship I learn to seek God's help, His face and refuse any old and maybe harmful ways to cope.

Spiritual resilience is first choosing of Him as my refuge. There is blessing and favor upon those who seek His face. This is the purpose of devotion. We don't seek the face of those we don't wish to know.

The generation that seeks God's face sees and holds wonderful things. They:

1. have clean hands and a pure heart

2. do not worship idols; things made at the hands of men

3. do not swear by what is false but hold to truth, even if they stand alone

4. are recipients of blessings and vindications (see Psalm 24:3-6) and,

5. will escape the snare. It is the Lord who unlocks chains and releases traps, for the Lord protects those who please Him, those who say 'my eyes are ever on my Lord'. (see Psalm 25:15)

Look to the Lord and His strength (not mine - hold no confidence in the flesh). This is the better choice to make.

We all endure those seasons where we thirst for refuge or plot to escape; our choices at such times must be righteous. For, if they are unrighteous we will only enter into greater hardship.

Remember these two truths when life is dark or the faith is weakened:

  • snares and traps seek to hurt me, the Lord doesn't. (Note to self: pride is the first snare.) And, 
  • temptation to flee hardship through sin does not inform you that the second state always becomes worse than the first.

Consider first God's loving abilities and His past, present and promised good intentions for you; the advantage of such wisdom is that it preserves the life of its possessor. (See too Ecclesiastes 7:12)

Look to the Lord and His strength, seek His face always. (Psalm 105:4)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The heart of fools is in the house of pleasure." ~ Ecclesiastes 7:4b

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