SoulSupply's Top 15 Quotes Over 15 Years ~ Part C


  1. Jesus' spilt blood was so His life and His followers lives would spell 'righteousness'.
  2. The difficulty of the journey does not define the joy of the destination.
  3. Put distance between you and sin, but never between you and God.
  4. In His presence the soul is polished, and faith threatening sin is worn away.
  5. Cultivate companionship with Christ.
  6. Faith is stepping into the unseen without any visible means of support.
  7. Many Christians only snack at the Tree of Life while feasting at the Tree of Knowledge.
  8. There were two trees named in Eden, one has seduced us and the other has saved us.
  9. Righteousness is the Divine defeat of the human spirit.
  10. Pride is the parent of all sin.
  11. Homosexuality is no more genetic than adultery.
  12. Those who deny the presence of wickedness are vulnerable to much pain.
  13. Faithfulness is not real unless unfaithfulness is possible.
  14. Humility is the aphrodisiac to worship, pride is its poison.
  15. Pride is both a scaffold to sin and a scaffold to self.

The Lord is my strength and song; He has become my salvation. (Psalm 118:14)

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